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In the tradition of home pages, here are links to web pages that I think may be of interest to other high altitude gardeners.

general links

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension - THE web site for gardening information in Colorado.  Click on their "Fact sheets" link for gardening topics.  Click on the link called "Gardening in the Rockies" for tips and articles.

Denver Master Gardener, Gardening & Horticulture - This website provides "research-based, environmentally friendly gardening information on a wide variety of topics" pertinent to Colorado gardening along with a gardening glossary, FAQ, monthly tips, Denver community resources, and ask a master gardener by email.

Garden Web - The forum called "Rocky Mountain Gardening" is a place to meet other high altitude gardeners on the web, get answers to specific questions, and discuss techniques.

The Gardener's Network - A fine web site dedicated to gardening "information, content, and community".  I especially like their content link subject on vegetables. This page has specific information on growing of wide variety of vegetables and provides links for more information each vegetable.

Backyard Gardener - This site is a portal to other sites but it is nicely arranged and does have links not found in the above two sites.

specialized links

Green House Gardener's Companion - Shane Smith's site has many hints, links, stories, and information on green house gardening.  He moderates a Boards2Go forum on green house gardening where you can ask questions and get answers about green houses.

North American Rock Garden Society - NARGS is a  good source for alpine gardening information and links.  The essay "Rock Gardening" has many helpful hints on creating and maintaining a rock garden.

The Alpine Garden - Written by Alan Grainger, this is an attractive and informative site on rock gardening.

Wild Flowers - Jane and Klaus Hendrix created this picture gallery of alpine and desert wild flowers. They also show numerous photographs of plants growing in their Mountain View Experimental Garden in Breckenridge, Colorado.

NEW! Southwest Colorado Wildflowers, Ferns, and Trees - Al Schneider created this website identifying over 400 wildflowers growing in the Four Corners region. He has included pictures of not just the bloom of each wildflower but also of the leaves and the plant through the seasons. His translation of the scientific name to English is a novel feature and his glossary and links are comprehensive. This site has a wealth of information for all western wildflower lovers.

local businesses

NEW! links to come....

local cams

Shaffers Crossing/285 Cam - The Mountain Guy has this cam at the junction of Rt. 285 and Elk Creek Road, about a mile from our property.  He has a nice write-up on the history of Shaffers Crossing.

Pinecam - This is a vortal maintained by Wayne Harrison from Pine Junction.  He has a cam on the site, good local information, and local links.  There is also a link to information on the Pine Valley Fire that burnt so much of our area in 2000.

home pages

links to come....

web search

My intent here is not to be a portal or vortal, many of the above sites already do a fine job of providing links.  Rather then list sites where I found high altitude gardening information, I included the link below for a google search on high altitude gardening.  Try it and be sure to follow some of the "similar pages" for even more links.  Some of the web pages are very informative!


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