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Although our mailing address is Pine, Colorado 80470, we actually live just south of Shaffers Crossing.  Located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains at 8,150 feet above sea level, our property is less then 50 miles from the continental divide (the gray lined area on the map) and about 6 miles from Pike National Forest.  Click here for a road map showing our location in Colorado.
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1999 House and Snow We have over 10 acres of mountain land that slopes mainly south with our house about 200 feet from our south property line.  As you can see from this photograph, our land is mostly forested with ponderosa pines and studded with rock outcroppings.

In the winter, we especially like to sit on the raised deck in the afternoon and bask in the abundant sunshine.

We have two high altitude meadows, one a half of an acre and the other three quarters of an acre, near our south boundary.  The house sits on a knoll above and between the meadows.  In the summer, the meadows are filled with wild flowers and mountain grasses.

This photograph (taken in 1997 from an airplane) shows the location of my vegetable garden in the east meadow.  The ground rises to the north, east and west of the garden site.

1997 Airplane Photo
In the summer, as I work in the garden in the early morning, deer, Abert squirrels, and other mountain animals traipse through the forest.  Eagles soar over head while hummingbirds visit me in the garden.

The land slopes upward from our house and meadows to high points in our northeast corner and our northwest corner.  In between the two high points is a small gulch the opens into our west meadow.  The gulch is filled with bushes, aspen, and flowers that appreciate a moist environment.  The back portion of our property is completely forested, mainly with ponderosa pine and douglas fir and has grasses growing giving it a park like feel.

Click here for links to some local web sites that include real time internet cameras showing our  mountain area

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