Everyone dreams. What if I .... Could I .... As I look around our lovely property, especially near the house, I can see numerous places where I could improve the look, the utility, or access. This sections contains tutorials about some of the projects my husband and I have completed.

  1. Soil Screen. As I was constructing steps or placing stone for walkways, I was having a difficult time getting the objects at the level and depth that I desired. Our soil is not really dirt; it's decomposed granite and contains zillions and zillions of small stone which greatly contributed to my problems. My husband constructed this soil screen for me. Being able to sift and remove small stone, twigs, and other debris from the decomposed granite has really improved my projects and my temperment.

  2. Outdoor Steps. From 1999 through 2003, my husband and I created terraces down a very steep and eroded hillside. We wanted to walk down this hillside to our east meadow so I placed steps in the terraces. This section is a tutorial on how I constructed the steps and why I made the decisions that I did.

  3. RV Dump. In 2004, my husband and I purchased an RV and learned, to our dismay, there are no RV dump facilities within 50 miles. We decided to add an RV Dump access to our septic system. This section is a tutorial on how we constructed this access.