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Welcome!   I created this web site is to share my experiences with gardening at 8150 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Our gardening conditions are very different from most of the United States.  Please, follow the links to learn more....
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button Location.  I describe our wonderful mountain property with this page.     Weather.  Our weather is both cooler and warmer then lower altitudes. On this page, I explain this paradox. button
button Environment.  Gardening conditions here are challenging but, in some ways, gardening is easier than it is at lower altitudes. I show how with these pages.     Wild Flowers.  A vast variety of wild flowers grow here.  New portion of website under construction. button

gardening activities

button Vegetable Gardening.  With this gallery of photographs, I explain some aspect of high altitude gardening or a particular gardening technique.     Flower Gardening.  Slowly but surely I am creating an alpine garden and a dry land (xeriscape) garden near our house.  Here, I chronicle my progress. button
button Propagating Native Plants.  I am planting native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and cactus on our property. Here I document my experiences and progress.     Maintaining the Forest.  I share some of our forest maintenance activities with these pages. button
button Greenhouse Growing.  With such a short growing season, even a temporary greenhouse is useful. I describe the one I use on this page.     Indoor Gardening.  I experimented with growing tomatoes and peppers indoors over the winter of 2001/2002. Here are the results. button
button Landscaping with Rocks.  One thing we have in abundance is rocks of all sizes.  On this page, I describe some of the ways I have used rocks.     Projects.  In this section, I share how we did some garden projects - like building steps - with tutorials. button
button High Altitude Gardening Tips.  Some more tips and techniques such as choosing a vegetable garden site, watering on a slope, and acidifying your soil.    

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button Critters, Weeds, and Weather Presentation.  On April 6, 2014, I gave a short presentation to the Conifer Historical Society. This page has the images I used and a downloadable copy of my handout with links to pertinent sites.    

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